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The Ring Creator LLC

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“By really listening to our technology needs, The 24 Seven Group provided solutions that fit our unique business model. Their ongoing support and services have been instrumental to our company’s growth.”

Velocity Center of Dance


 The 24 Seven Group provided solutions that fit my company's  business model and updated my site so that it was more user-friendly and informal. Their ongoing support and services have been instrumental to our company’s growth.”

Baltimore County Leaders  Citizens


“As a new non-profit organization the Baltimore County Leaders and Citizens (BCLC) hired the The 24 Seven Group to create and maintain our website, that would be a platform to allow the BCLC to be able to communicate coming events and news within our community. The 24 Seven Group has displayed top notch service and always has our site up to date within hours of sending in changes we desire. If you need a website built this is the company to do it.

Cherlita's Chest

Wisdom Ministries

Accurate Billing Solutions

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Cherlita's Chest Natural Wellness Center we understand desires are the same but body types and results aren’t. Our goal is to help each and every client with a customized therapeutic experience that’s caters to you.

WISDM Ministries expands and populates the community, nation, and finally, the world with its unique and inspiring thoughts views, lessons, and most importantly, nuggets of wisdom that have been poured out from heaven and into the heart of the ministry.

Accurate Billing Solutions is a medical billing and consulting company that services the behavioral health industry. Our website is currently being constructed. The tech from the 24 Seven Group has already visited with us and begun the process and has kept us fully updated.  

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